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Announcement of the temporary holiday

Enjoy a coffee whilst petting our adorably cute bunnies.                                                                                 

 Week dayFirst 30 minutes, 1000 yen

  Weekend(St,Sun) Public holidays


First 30 minutes, 1300 yen


  • Rabbit Snacks 500 yen
  • Drinks: Free (Please help yourself to the drinks we have available or bring in whatever you’d like. Alcoholic drinks not permitted.)

Roppongi bunny walk with Karumen

Roppongi Hills Karumen

Head to the luxurious Roppongi Hills and check out the view of Tokyo Tower while you take a few pictures to remember the experience with our celebrity rabbit Karumen. Have a seat on the patio of a stylish café and soak in the view. Enjoy the attention you and Karumen will be attracting!
1 hour 3000 yen

In the case of rain, or depending on Karumen’s condition this service may not be available.

Nail Cutting Service

Allow us to cut your rabbit’s nails.

A reservation is needed for Saturdays and Sundays. 1000yen


To prevent against hairballs, poor blood circulation and to promote healthy skin in your rabbit we recommend using our grooming service once a month.

A reservation is needed for Saturdays and Sundays.


Short haired rabbits
(rabbits that shed very little)
10 minutes 1500 yen
Rabbits during shedding season
(or rabbits that shed a lot)
20 minutes 2500 yen
Long haired rabbits
(rabbits that have long hair all over their body)
30 minutes 3500 yen

These times are approximate times and meant only as a guideline. The actual time will vary slightly.

Area Cut

For those areas that tend to get dirty easily (rear-end, paws etc.), or for knots that can’t be removed by brushing.
Each area 2000 yen

Media Rental

We offer our rabbits for rental for use in television, magazines etc.

If you are interested in this service please contact us for more information.

This service is also available for those not in the media who would like to rent a rabbit.

We also have a wide selection of rabbit related products and are always happy to provide advice on raising rabbits as well so come on by and have a visit!



♥ Do you want to work surrounded by lovely animals?
   Come work with us!

-English (native level)
-Japanese (daily conversation)
-Resident in Japan

*Let us know if you are native in any other language than English.

For further inquiries please email us at: info@ms-bunny.com
Please put “Job Opportunity” in the title.

We are looking forward to your application!


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