What is Ms. BUNNY Café?

IMG_6237 Café

What’s better than a standard café? If you ask us we say a café where you can come and pet cute fluffy bunnies on your lap. Feel relaxed by the bunnies’ soft fur and docile nature and reinvigorated by their cuteness. If this sounds like something you’d be interested we invite you to come by and join us at our café!

How Rabbits Behave and Feel

If you watch very closely a rabbit will communicate with you by making eye contact, drooping their ears, nudging you with their nose, and even by giving you a lick. Come visit us and see how our bunnies will “talk” with you!

Drooping Ears
When a rabbit is relaxed it will often droop its ears down. When petting your rabbit, look for their ears to droop down.
If the rabbit gives you a “kiss” it means that it’s being friendly. They’ll often give you a lick if they want to be petted or to let you know that they like the way you are petting them.
If the rabbit nudges you with their nose that’s their way of say “hello” or “play with me!”

Come by our café and see what type of communication our rabbits will treat you to!

Ms. BUNNY Café Rules

  • For the rabbit’s safety please enjoying petting (and hugging!) them softly while sitting down.
  • Please help yourself to the drinks we have available. We do not have any food available however you are welcome to bring any food or drink in with you (alcohol however is not permitted).
  • In order to avoid injury, children not yet of school age must be accompanied with an adult guardian.
  • Bunny cafe reception desk is available until one and half hour  before closing time.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided before touching the bunnies.
  • In order to prevent accidents with our rabbits please do not bring in your own rabbit (except when using our nail cutting and grooming services).
  • Please understand we do not accept reservations.
  • If you come for the reservation time, it maybe doubt as cancelation. You have to come on time.
  • The usage of the Bunny Cafe will be at least 1 hour.
  • Changing the time or the number of people on the reservation day or canceling the a reservation on the pointed day will cost you 100% of the reservation fee.    
  • The safety of our bunnies is of utmost importance. Please understand all of our rules are in place with this fact in mind.

We’ve got all the products and services you need to enjoy your life with your rabbit!

In addition to our café we sell a wide variety of rabbit related products, and offer nail cutting and grooming services as well. We even offer a rabbit hotel for those of you needing care for your rabbit while you are abroad.

IMG_6392 IMG_6289

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask!

Price List

Café Charge

Week day * First 30 minutes, 1190 yen  
Weekend(St,Sun) Public holidays* First 30 minutes, 1404 yen

※4 / 29-5 / 8 will be a holiday Rates

Rabbit Snacks

540 yen


Please help yourself to the drinks we have available or bring in whatever you’d like. Alcoholic drinks not permitted.

Roppongi Rabbit Walk

3240 yen per hour
Take one of our rabbits for a walk around Roppongi. Please understand depending on the condition of the rabbits or in the case of rain we may cancel this service. Ms. Bunny café’s most famous rabbit named KARUMEN may not always be available for this service.

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